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The Good Life Projects

The Good Life Projects is my way of bringing together 

all of my life's passions and ambitions in order to build, one sustainable future.

I began my vision in 2018 with 'The Good Life Worshops - for Kids', where we organised and ran growing and conservation workshops for children under 11, not only teaching them and giving them knowledge in

growing their own food but also in showing them how to work with and respect nature and the world around them.

Our core belief is that, in order for us to live 'the good life',

we have to work with nature and ensure its preservation

In 2019 we were presented with the amazing opportunity to use and maintain 12.5 acres of ex-quarry-cum farm land.

Our first project was Livestock. Having never owned my own livestock (beside some chickens in the back yard), my first goal was to run a flock of sheep on the land.

Our flock is a small group of Pedigree Shetland sheep. These, running with the landlords flock of Black Welsh Mountains, gave us a good feel of how to manage livestock.

The sheep, in reality became our teachers. They taught us how they manage the grasses and hedgerows.

In that first year, we also gained lots of invaluable knowledge and experience about fencing and how sheep will and get under fencing if presented with an opportunity to do so but, oddly, can never managed to get back the same way?

With conservation, preservation and sustainabilty in mind: we, in early 2020, made the decision to concentrate on breeds featured on the RBST watchlist in the hope that,

not only will we fulfill our farming future goals but, will also help in the conservation of at risk breeds; protecting their futures too.

>>> This is Fergus: our current resident ram who as well as being very bloody handsome, looks after his ladies and provides us with lots of lambs in the spring.

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