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The Clubs

Giving you exclusive access to the freshes, locally produced food and



The Farm Shop

Taking pride in stocking the most ethical and sustainable products we can find

The Workshops

Getting local kids back outside and teaching them about farming and all things nature

Image by Greta Farnedi

First Generation Farmers

Becoming a farmer was always a pipe dream but now, with help from local landowners, my dream is being fulfilled.


The Good Life Projects is a 'Community Interest Company or C.I.C' meaning that, what ever we achieve, benefits the local community. Our future projects will see us develop the farm to create an Educational Farm which will support all local people with learning difficulties and people from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving the opportunity to learn a range of new skills.

As well as aiming to help support the local community, we also farm in a very ethical & sustainable way and when it comes to livestock, we work towards ensuring the longevity of those breeds featured on the RBST watchlist.

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