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High Welfare Smoked Back Bacon

6 thick-cut rashers, of wet cured back bacon complete with rind.
Our bacon is taken from, traditionally hung carcases, which is then cured in a wet cure for 7-10 days and then cold smoked until it is absolutely perfect.
All our meat comes from rare-breed pigs raised on our own farm in Shepton Mallet or from other local farms but always from pigs that have been reared outdoors and to the highest possible standards.

Due to the breeds of pigs we raise, we cannot guarantee that the rasher size will be the size you see in the supermarkets but, we can guarantee that the flavour will be amazing, if not... I'll eat my hat.

By eating rare-breed pork, you are helping farmers protect native breeds; breeds which, over the last few decades have reduced in numbers to a point they are considered critically 'at risk'

High Welfare Smoked Back Bacon

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