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Ice-cream Sundae

Our ice-cream sundaes are pure decadence in a glass.

Each one consists of ice-cream, cream, sauce, fruit peices, sprinkles and topped with biscuits or wafers. Good for 1 but even better as a sharing dessert.

Available in

Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, or Strawberry



2 scoops of Brickells chocolate ice-cream, layered with cream, chocolate sauce and oreos topped with more cream, crushed oreos and sauce.


Salted Caramel 

2 scoops of Brickells Salted Caramel ice-cream, layered with cream, sliced banana and caramel sauce topped with cream, sauce, caramel bits and half a stroop waffle



2 scoops of Brickells Roasted Strawberry ice-cream layered with chopped strawberries, meringue pieces and strawberry sauce topped with more of the same.



2 scoops of Brickells Vanilla Bean ice-cream layered with a sauce of your choosing, sugar waffle pieces and white chocolate chips. Topped with more of the same.

Ice-cream Sundae

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