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Rabbie Burns

Based around the ever popular Thai style Sriracha sauce. Using natural sweetness from the beets and Somerset’s finest apples this cheeky number benefits from red jalapeño chillis, not the naff pickled ones. Beautiful red and full bodied. Scotch bonnets come to dance, colliding with some brown butter to jazz up the proceedings.

Flavour profile - East hugs West. Hot, buttery and sweet. Yummy.

Hootscale 4. A wee numb feel but very, very moorish. Hot toddy on a plate.


Rabbie Burns

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  • Scotch Bonnet, Red jalapeno, Beetroot, Cider vinegar, Vegetable oil, Apple, Onion, Brown butter, Garlic, Pepper, Oats, Salt, Xanthan.

  • Produced in Bruton; Somerset by Chef Bruce Clyne-Watson

    Just 7.7 Miles away from the Farm Shop