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Image by Elodie Oudot




All the Lambs are born and raised on our farm so we know everything

about their history. We rear it, care for it, deal with all the legal paperwork

bits and you end up with amazing tasting cuts of meat but with the benefit

of knowing exactly how it has been reared.

The breed of sheep we rear are Shetand which are currently in Catagory 6

of the RBST rare breed watchlist

At the end of their time on the farm we will sort the final stage for you too.

We believe in growing our animals naturally and slowly, so our Lambs stay

with us until the time is right.usually going to slaughter around 7 months

for Lamb, 18 months for Hogget and 2-3 years for Mutton.

When signing up, we fully recommend that you come and visit our farm

and see how the lambs are growing.




​Available late 2021.

Half Lamb


Whole Lamb




Available late 2021

Due to limited availability, please contact to pre-order



please check our T&C section for full Terms and Conditions




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