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Customer Care

Our aim is to provide the best customer service experience we can; from initial communication to ongoing requests and to delivering the final product or service.

If you experience something you have not been happy with, please do let us know.



Know your Food Scheme

Please note that we cannot guarantee weights of our animals or weights/sizes of the final product but you will be able to follow your animal all the way through its life and see what you are getting every step of the way

Delivery to Shepton Mallet town centre is included in the price.

Delivery outside of this area will be quoted upon booking

Payments will be collected at a set date each month/week

Due to the nature of this scheme; if, for any reason, the subscription is cancelled we will not be able to issue refunds

If signing up to the pay monthly service for our Know you Food scheme, the final price increases slightly for  due to fees charged to us for using gocardless.
For the 1/4 porker and the 1/2 hog schemes: the price stated includes butchery to you specification
For the whole hog, this does NOT include butchery. Please get in touch for a quote for this.

The Egg Club

For our Egg Club, we accept cash or subscriptions to gocardless.

Once signed up to Gocardless, payments will be collected each month on the same date.

As a member of our Egg Club, eggs are allocated to you each week. If you do not require eggs due to holidays or unexpected situations. you may still be required to pay for your allocation of eggs. 

For egg club customers using gocardless; due to transaction fees, we cannot refund payments made if you do not require eggs due to holidays; in these instances we will try to supply you with extra eggs upon your return if you require them. This may not always be possible as we don't always have spare eggs.

If signing up to our egg club, you understand, and agree that, as we run a small flock, we my have to pause or stop deliveries depending on the amount of eggs our ladies are laying.
-During the winter months our hens egg production may drop dramatically due to the amount of light hours they receive.

Our Farm Club

Workshop fees must be paid prior to the session date

Registration forms must be complete and brought with you to the first session; children will not be allowed to stay without a printed and signed form on site.

  • The Workshops are open to children aged 7-11 (years 3-6)

  • All Children will be doing a mixture of activities: working with animals, hiking, den building, cooking, arts and crafts

  • Sessions will take place regardless of the weather

  • To adhere to government guidelines; groups will be no greater than 10 children per group and children will be required to follow current social distancing rules during the sessions

  • Children who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, should NOT attend a session and should seek to follow government guideline.

  • To comply with track and trace, it may be necessary to supply details of your child to governing bodies should they require it.

  • Children should bring with them face coverings for indoor activities

  • Hand sanitiser will be available 

  • Session fees are, unfortunately, non returnable

  • Accompanying adults will be required to sign a COVID disclaimer at the start of each session this can also be found here >> COVID-19 Disclaimer

Privacy & Safety

When signing up, you agree to The Good Life Projects storing your personal details

Wholesale Inquiries

Coming Soon

Payment Methods

For our services and subscriptions we request payments via the following:

BACS or via Paypal/Zettle paylinks.

For payments in-store, we accept both cash and card but do not accept cheques or Scottish bank notes(due to multiple fake notes in the past).
NB We have checked our legal standing on this and, whilst they are approved by UK parliament as a legal currency, they are in fact not deemed as legal tender in UK law.





When volunteering with us, it is your responsibility to disclose any information that might be important or relevant to your position.
Health ad safety, whilst working on the farm, we will provide full training with tools and machinery and also provide any necessary PPE. After this point, we will expect you to take every precaution to keep yourself safe. We accept no responsibility for any accident if which, if by following our instructions, could have been avoided. Should you not understand any of the instructions, the onus is on you to ask inform us or ask us to repeat the training.


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