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  • What post codes do you deliver to for your Egg Club?
    As we are a small, family run business, we cannot cover all of Shepton Mallet. The Post Codes we currently deliver to are below. If your house is not within these post codes, we are more than happy to arrange collection days for you. BA4 5: DX DY DQ TX TU UR TY UP BY YA YB YF YG JB JD YE UT UX XD YQ XA UA UZ UY UD UG UQ WS WW UU UE WT XJ XR XP XW XE XL GH XY XZ XX LP GB GG GA GE GL GD GF GJ JU JX TZ UL XG UN XQ XF FE TW FG JF JW
  • I am signed up as a Gocardless customer for your Egg Club. What happens to my payment(s) if I go on holiday?
    Due to fees applied to us for we, unfortunately, do not issue refunds for Gocardless subscriptions. As the eggs that are laid are ear marked for you as an Egg Club member it may not always be possible for us to re-sell those eggs. In the instances that you are away, you could either gift your eggs to a friend or family member or instruct us to try and sell them on. If we manage to sell them, you would be in credit for en extra box of eggs at a time when we have surplus.
  • How can eating meat and killing an animal help the animal survive?
    The simple answer is: if we didn't, they wouldn't be rare, they would be extinct! If you take our Oxford sandy and Black pigs for example. Of this breed, and in the UK, there are only 4 boar lines that are considered good enough to breed from, and only 13 Female lines. From each litter of piglets you may only get half a dozen or less that meet the breed standards and so making them register-able with the BPA. The rest? Well, they go to meat. This means that there are now new animals of that breed in the system that can be bred from thus increasing the breeds numbers and protecting it for the next few generations. What most rare-breed farmers (including ourselves) do is sell their meat via farm gates sales meaning the food miles are minimal which in turn means less carbon emissions and we all know that that is a good thing. If we were to keep every piglet born, not only would the breed eventually become diluted making it extremely difficult to maintain the breed standards for that breed, it would also increase the CO2 emissions to a dangerous level. It's a real quandary, but.... By eating local and eating rare, you are doing 2 things, you are preventing a breed becoming extinct and you are reducing co2 emissions.... ALOT We, at home, are very conscious about the welfare of our animals and always like to know how and where they are raised, if we don't know, we wont eat it. Basically, eating meat doesn't alwasy have to be a bad thing.
  • I have signed up to the know your food scheme but no longer want the pork, can I get a refund?"
    Unfortunately not. By signing up to the scheme you are acknowledging that the pigs we have are and will always be destined for slaughter. Your monthly fee or one off payment pays for your portion life, from start to finish. You can stop your subscription at any time but we will be unable to offer any refund or end product.
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