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Our animals are at the very heart if what we do.


We predominantly raise rare-breed animals which are featured, somewhere, on the RBST watchlist. We do this in the hope that we can help increase their numbers and, in turn, help improve the breed status.

Sometimes, due to years of cross breeding, we cannot keep all the animals we raise as they do not always meet the breed standards. This means that they do not improve the breeds status and so, should not used for breeding. Some of these we will sell to pet farms and some will be finished and presented as meat products.


All of the animals we rear, (regardless of what their destiny is), we aim to raise them as ethically & in the the very best way we can:

         -All our animals are free range

-We never overstock our pastures

-If there is not enough grass for the grazers, we make sure they get additional feed

-Our meat animals are raised slowly, and not forced to gain weight quickly

-We only supply our meat products to our local towns keeping the food miles and CO2 emissions as low as possible.


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