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Bread Club - Speciality Loaves
  • The bread we supply is lovingly made by the skillful bakers at Lievito Bakery; Lovington nr. Castle Cary.

    You can either choose to purchase this whenever you get the urge or, you can subscribe and have your bread ready to collect every saturday

    If you subscribe to our Bread Club can either tell us exactly what you would like each week or let us pick for you from the selections  listed below:

    Speciality Loaves

    • Somerset Sourdough (800g)
    • Somerset Sourdough Tin (1kg)
    • Malthouse (800g)
    • Seeded Sourdough (800g)
    • Rye (100% 800g)
    • New York Deli Rye
    • Pumpkin Seed and Honey


    *Subscription is a collection only service

    one-time purchase can be collected as and when you would like a loaf otherwise, delivery costs will be calculated at the checkout.





    Bread Club - Speciality Loaves

    Price Options
    Bread Club
    Speciality Loaves (weekly collection)
    £16.00every month for 3 months
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