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Coffee Club
  • Whne you sign up to our Coffee Club, you aren't just supporting us, your local Farm Shop, you are also supporting a community of coffee growers who grow without upsetting the natural world around them.
    We are proud to be using coffee beans from EasyJose who go outof their way to make sure their coffee is from indigenous tribes who's growing methods do NOT cause deforestation in the amazon.
    Our decaf option also uses a swiss water process so absolutely no nasty chemicals in your coffee!!

    The Coffee Club is a monthly subscription where you pay for the equivalent of 8 or 16 cups of your preferred coffee and receive additional bonuses:
    -   8 cup subscriptions get 2 cups free + 5% off

    - 16 cup subscriptions get 4 cups free + 10% off
    If you'd prefer not to subscribe, you can always prepay for 8 or 16 in the Farm Shop when ever you fancy.

    Coffee Club

    Price Options
    Coffee Club 8.1
    Flat White/Americano (2 free cups + 5% off)
    £19.76every month until canceled
    Coffee Club 8.2
    Latte/Cappuccino (2 free cups +5% off)
    £22.04every month until canceled
    Coffee Club 16.1
    Flat White / Americano (4 Free Cups; 10% Off)
    £37.44every month until canceled
    Coffee Club 16.2
    Latte / Cappuccino (4 Free Cups; 10% Off)
    £41.76every month until canceled