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Dinner Club
  • Our Dinnner Club is for people who love food and is a take on 'Supper Clubs' but, instead of cooking for you, we bring* the meals to you for you to cook in the comfort of your own home.

    Each dinner bag contains 2 courses; either 2 starters and 2 mains or 2 mains and 2 deserts which are alwasy lovingly and expertly prepared by local chefs using local produce.

    This ensures that the food miles are kept to an absolute minimum which, in turn, guarantees freshness and great taste.

    You can subscribe for dinner every week or just once a month


    The reason why our Dinner Club is for true 'foodies' is due to the fact that each meal will be different from the last and we never know what we are getting until the day it arrives.

    To create this, we are working with 3 fantastic local chefs and hopefully, will work with more as time goes on. 

    *Dinner Club is a subscription only service and delivery costs depend on how close to us you are; this will be worked out at the check out.

    Monthly subscription is a 12 month subscription

    Weekly subscription is a 12 week subscription

    Dinner Club

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    Dinner Club
    £25.00every month for 3 months
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