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Garlic Oil 250ml

It has been said that Fussels can get quite worked up when it comes to explaining why people should wake up and appreciate everything that’s great about British farming and the food we produce; they make no apologies for that because the best of British stands comparison with anything from elsewhere around the world including garlic.

So try their English flavoured garlic oil. It’s a subtle yet strangely potent combination of my freshly cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil infused with the very essence of garlic.

Add it to your cooking, directly onto your salads or onto anything you like and just wait for your senses to be bewitched. Fussels can promise you that since they created it, it has cast a spell on them and theya are from Somerset!!

So get some and be prepared for a lifetime of devotion.

Garlic Oil 250ml

£4.00 Regular Price
£3.00Sale Price
  • Extra Virgin Raeseed Oil (98%), Garlic Extract (2%)

  • Typical values: g/100g
    Energy 3548kJ / 887kcal
    Total Fat 97.5g
    Of which saturates 7.1g
    Mono-unsaturates 58.2g
    Poly-unsaturates 28.2g
    Total Carbohydrates < 0.1g
    Of which sugars < 0.1g
    Protein < 0.1g
    Salt < 0.1g
    Omega 3 9.3g
    Omega 6 18.4g
    Omega 9 59.4g
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