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New Trees - Option 2

Option 2 of Planting More Trees provides everthing option 1 does but also provides an animal guard/scratch guard to prevent the tree being ring barked by the sheep or having it roots scratched up by the chooks.
This really gives the new tree its best start in it's new home.

By offering support in our effort to plant more trees, you are not only increasing the number of trees in the area, you are helping  establish new orchards & woodlands, you are helping create mini eco systems, you are helping provide food for our most important residents; the bees and when the trees bare fruit; the birds will have their fill too.

By offering support, you will automatically become a member for 2021 and part of The Good Life Family.

As a thank you, you will receive:

Monthly newsletters; updating you of our progress &

a special collectors button badge
and, once the trees are in an invitation to see them standing in all their glory.


your membership fee will be deposited into a separate account and, what ever is left at the end of the year, will be sorted and re-donated to help local causes.


Thank you so much for your support.

New Trees - Option 2

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