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The Good Life Projects is my way of bringing all of my life's passions and ambitions together, in order to build a sustainable future.

I began my journey in 2015 with 'The Good Life Workshops - for Kids', where we organised and ran growing and conservation workshops for children under 11, not only teaching them and giving them knowledge in growing their own food but also in showing them how to work with and respect nature and the world around them.

Our core belief is that, in order for us to live 'The Good Life', we have to work with nature and ensure its preservation

In 2019, we were presented with the amazing opportunity to use and maintain 12.5 acres of ex-quarry-cum farm land.

Since then we have grown as a business and expanded our ethos to include as many people as we can.

Since then we have furthered our ambition to 'preserve & sustain' and, with the local community in mind, we made the decision to make a few adjustments to our farming dream;

  • To preserve:

    • We are now (in livestock terms) only concentrating on breeds featured on the RBST watchlist in the hope that we can help these breeds survive for generations to come.

    • We are developing a kitchen garden, an outdoor cooking space and volunteer-ship programmes for people to come together and socialise which will not only go a long way in preserving the community feeling but also give local people an avenue to socialise and improve low mental health.

  • To sustain:

    • We are ensuring that we rotate their grazing as often as is practical. This will help sustain our grass crops and therefor protect carbon storage

    • We are working towards a sustainable community by giving support to those in need via outdoor workshops which are designed in a way to help develop personal and social skills and alleviate impacts on mental health

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