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Image by Ben Mater

Know Your Food

The 'know your food' scheme is our way of repairing the link that has been lost between the animals in the field and the food on our plates.

Perfect for those of us that want to make sure that the meat on our plates comes from trusted, local producers who really care for, and respect, the animal before bringing home the bacon.

​Knowing your food isn't a new thing; in-fact, supermarkets have been doing similar for years 'Farm to Fork', 'Field to fork' etc but, it is something that hasn't yet happened with meat and that, for us, is a problem.

​We want to provide a way where we can track, not only, where our meat comes from but also, how it has been raised.


Animal welfare is our topmost priority and, these schemes give everyone the chance to visit our farm and make sure they are as, well looked after as we say they are.


We currently have 2 schemes on offer: Our Pig-to-Pork and our Lamb-to-Lamb







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